Helping first-gen talent and the organizations that support them to thrive and prosper.

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There is immense talent that is under-valued and over-looked. Let's change that.

As advocates for talent diversity, we help first-gen talent thrive in white-collar landscapes while partnering with organizations to tap into the opportunities of their diverse workforce. By incorporating our research-driven strategies and change management approach, we deliver solutions to fulfill the potential of individuals and your organization.

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I'm a First Gen Talent Advocate.

As a first-gen professional, I didn’t think I was good enough. There was no one that looked like me who I could model myself after. No resources out there to show me the ropes. No roadmap on how to transition from my working-class roots to professional workplaces.

It was only by shaping my curiosity and grit into new experiences, that I eventually made it into corporate America, where I spent over two decades. Since I had to do everything the hard way, I’m devoted to making the roadmap easier for other first-gen talents. Today, we equip the undervalued, overlooked professionals with the confidence, tools, and support they need to thrive in corporate environments.

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Is your organization interested in diversifying its talent pool?

Having a diverse talent pool is just the beginning. For things to truly work out, it’s critical that you consider the impact one’s starting point can have on their performance and success at your company. At a more macro level, this means seeing the world from an FGP’s perspective and understanding what unique experiences and skills they bring. Get the picture? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.

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To date, very little is known about how first-generation professionals (FGP’s) experience the workplace. Answers to questions such as “What does it feel like to be the first?” and “Which barriers make the transition harder?” elude employers and recruiters. So in 2019, we completed some research about FGP’s, focusing on the finance and utility industries in California.



When it comes to moving up, it's all about getting the insider tips straight from someone who’s been there and done that. That’s why we’ve created a growing catalog of free resources to help you revamp your resume and excel on LinkedIn, so you can get fresher opportunities by the decision-makers in your industry. Grab a seat and get ready to become an all-star.



With over 24 years of first-hand experience in corporate settings, we know the unwritten rules and nuances of white-collar etiquette. These insights are baked into each of our online workshops so that FGP's have the tools and confidence they need to succeed and steer their careers. Next up is the Make Opportunity Knock Program. Get on the waitlist today to pre-register.